New Photo Friday :: Friendly Sports

This week I shot a Lake Erie Crushers semi-pro baseball game for the Morning Journal, and my picture for today’s New Photo Friday encapsulates why I enjoy spring/summer sports so much–aside from the sunshine and warm temperatures, of course. I’ve noticed that in spring sports, especially baseball and softball, everyone is so much more friendly. I started to get a bad taste in my mouth for winter sports because of the awful behavior of fans and players. There was so much nastiness toward opponents. But in spring sports, I saw much more camaraderie between players from opposing teams. They could compete against each other and still be civil, oftentimes even friends. I saw coaches congratulate players from opposing teams when they played well; I saw players support their opponents; I saw parents acknowledge when youngsters competing against their kids did well. That’s not to say I didn’t see anyone acting foolish and immature, just far less frequently. 

In this photo, the short stop got the baserunner out trying to steal, but they had a friendly little back and forth before they left the field. Each player was all smiles and it made me smile, so I love this picture that captured a bit of it. I took this with my Canon 5D Mark II and my Canon 300mm/2.8f lens (oh my God I love this lens for baseball and can’t wait to use it for football season!).

friendly sports


What have you been shooting this week?