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New Photo Friday – Week 3

Wow! We’re up to Week 3 already? It feels like we just started New Photo Friday. I’m enjoying this and hope you are too. I think about my photography throughout the week considering what I’m going to use for this post. I think next week will be the hard decision, though. I’m with my dog Rufus at Camp Unleashed this weekend so I suspect there will be a lot to choose from. AND the sunflower field is in bloom in Avon, so I’ll be headed out there as well. But, before I get ahead of myself, let’s look at today’s pictures, shall we?



I am choosing a photo I’m actually not happy with for this week. But, I learned a lot from taking it. I was out at the lake this week at sunset and got this shot with my 75-300mm lens at an aperture of f5, 100 ISO and spot metering. I basically did everything wrong. I should have increased my aperture and probably used evaluative metering. I’ll keep working on improving my sunsets. My advanced photography class starts next week, so hopefully you’ll be seeing overall improvement in the coming weeks.

new photo friday - jennifer forbus


Maddee J

Maddee made me choose between two gorgeous macro shots she did with her iPhone. She has a new macro lens for her iPhone and I’m feeling a little envious of this gadget. After much back and forth I opted for the purple flower because as much as I love orange, purple is still my favorite. But take my word for it, both were beautiful! She also says this has no filter, and “They’re not perfect because it is SO HARD to hold the iPhone still enough when you get in this close and there’s even the slightest breeze.” Well consider me impressed, breeze or no breeze!

new photo friday - maddee james

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at this week’s photos. If you have a photo to share with us, please leave us a link in the comments. I want to stop by and see them. It won’t be until next week since I’m at camp, but I’ll definitely be by.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, friends!

jennifer forbus - camp unleashed

Camp Unleashed

Those who know me in person or follow me on social media know what a big animal lover I am. And I’m the crazy pet lady, I guess. My two dogs and three cats are my world.

jennifer forbus - camp unleashed jennifer forbus - camp unleashed

Last year I took my youngest child to camp. Yes, Rufus and I went to Camp Unleashed in the Berkshires. And it was the highlight of my year–I think Rufus’ too, but I really can’t speak for him. We spent Labor Day weekend living in a cabin at the Becket YMCA camp. We went hiking and swimming, learned to dance (Freestyle) and Rufus to dive (dock diving). We ran agilities and learned canine massage. Well, I learned the massage, Rufus benefited from it. I attended a session on pet photography, one on caring for senior pets (my Nestlé is almost 13), one on pet psychology. And through it all, we met like-minded folks–people who love their dogs the way I do mine. And of course, my social little guy made tons of friends as well.

jennifer forbus - camp unleashedEach morning we started at Yappy Hour where the dogs could run and romp with each other in a big open field. And as the camp name indicates, the dogs are off leash virtually the entire weekend. So they get to be natural dogs.

By the end of each day, Rufus was crashed, happily exhausted from all of his learning and jennifer forbus - camp unleashedplay. And so was I! There were many other activities that we didn’t get to enjoy, simply because there wasn’t time to do everything: canoeing with your dog, barks and crafts, tricks classes, grooming classes, the list of options seemed endless. It was an amazing and wonderful bonding experience for us both, too.

Needless to say, that first experience hooked us. In about two weeks, Rufus and I are headed back to Camp Unleashed for more fun. We can’t wait.

jennifer forbus - camp unleashed
One of our favorite activities–hiking!

Of course, Camp Unleashed isn’t for everyone. Dogs have to be able to get along with other dogs (obviously) and have good recall since they’re off leash. For example, I can’t take my Nestlé because she’s unpredictable with other dogs. We stay in a cabin with no electricity and you have to use a washhouse for showers and bathrooms. But they do have a hall with electricity and indoor plumbing if you don’t want to “rough it” quite as much. The cabins are quite cool, though–and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like camping!

jennifer forbus - camp unleashedEven though we were busy all weekend, there was also a sense of serenity at camp and I’m looking so forward to going back. I can’t recommend it highly enough. We attend the camp in the Berkshires and we go during Labor Day Weekend. They offer camp at that same location around Memorial Day weekend, and they also offer camp in October in Georgia at Camp Blueridge (new this year, it use to be in Asheville, NC).

jennifer forbus - camp unleashedI’ll be taking pictures at camp this year again, so I’ll definitely have updates when we return. But I also make sure that my focus during camp is on Rufus. This is our weekend together–something I save for and anticipate all year long–and I want him to have all the fun he possibly can. So stay tuned and I’ll share our fun when we return. If you’re someone with a dog that’s a good fit for camp, think about coming. I can almost guarantee you’ll have a blast. I figure if a non-camping person like me loves camp this much, just imagine what true camping lovers experience!

jennifer forbus - camp unleashed jennifer forbus - camp unleashed

Have a great week, friends!

Welcome to The Inquisitive Introvert

Hi friends. Some of you may be brand new friends and others may be coming from my previous blog, Jen’s Book Thoughts. Brown Dog Solutions and The Inquisitive Introvert blog are the result of a WordPress class I was taking and my desire to include additional content on my blog, like photography, travel and animals. So here you will still find significant book discussion, but I’ll also be sharing some of my other passions. I hope you’ll visit often, join in discussions and enjoy the content.

Jen’s Book Thoughts will remain as an archive of the previous eight and a half years of book talk. I may, at times, reference reviews, interviews or other features there and provide you links. However, I won’t be accepting any review requests here. I’m at a point where the majority of my reading time is committed to reviews I’m doing for various publications. Additional reading is simply going to be books I want to enjoy personally and are not in my work list. I so very much love to read, and I’m promising myself I will keep it that way.

I have started to create some galleries of my photography. This was an excellent exercise for me, as I’ve been taking new classes to regularly improve my skills, and it’s been motivating me to finally organize all the digital photographs I’ve taken. These galleries will be updated regularly and I will also share some fun photos here in blog posts. Fridays will be dedicated to a series I’m calling New Photo Fridays. More on that soon.

There is a section of the site for freelance work. You can find information there about the skills I have for hire as well as how to contact me for additional information. I’m honored to work regularly for several small businesses, so additional jobs I accept will be determined by available time. I’ve given my freelance business the name Brown Dog Solutions in honor of my own dogs…who have all been brown.

Thank you for stopping by my new little corner of the Internet. Come back soon.