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New photo Friday - lighting

New Photo Friday – Week 15

jennifer forbus - new photo friday

Once again, I have to apologize for the delay since my last post. I am well-meaning, but somehow the days just get away from me. I have a number of odds and ends to share with you before I share my photo for this week.

The first is the December Nerdy Special List. Those of you who have been following from the old blog know that I contribute to Pop Culture Nerd’s monthly Nerdy Special List. The end of year list for 2016 is rather nice, especially if you might be looking for a last-minute gift idea. There are some great titles over there.

Shelf Awareness had their favorite books of 2016 issue and I have two non-fiction reviews included in that list. And today is the last day to enter AudioFile’s contest to win 6 months of free audiobooks in conjunction with their editors’ favorites of 2016. I have three reviews in various categories for that issue. Check it out…and enter to win!

I’m into my 2017 books now, so I’ll be posting my favorites lists soon. Be on the lookout.

O.k. so that brings me to this week’s new photo. It comes from my photography class on Sunday where I was again working on lighting. I’ve been using the Cactus RF60 Wireless flash. In my set-up for this shoot I was using two flashes and the V6 transceiver. I have been quite impressed with the Cactus products. They’ve been easy to use and make the shoot go smoother, which is a plus for a photographer who’s still mastering all this lighting business!

In addition to the flashes I used a Godox softbox on one flash. I need to get a grid to go with my softbox, but for what I paid for it, it’s a good, portable, easy-to-use diffuser. The kit I bought comes with the S-type bracket, but you can buy kits without that and pay a little less.

My photo was taken with my Tamron 17-50mm lens at an aperture of 8.0. My shutter speed was 1/100 and my ISO was 100.

New photo Friday - lighting

So what’s your favorite equipment that you use for lighting? Do you have any tips or tricks that you like to follow for lighting? Feel free to share with us. And share a photo if you have one today. I’d love to stop by and see it.

Hope you have a great weekend. I’m going to help out with a Santa photo shoot. I’m sure I’ll have fun stories and pictures to share after. Stay warm. Happy reading and shooting!

New Photo Friday - mardi gras beads

New Photo Friday – Week 6

jennifer forbus - new photo friday

Happy Friday all. I hope you’ve been enjoying a nice week. I know a lot of folks returned from their big party weekend in New Orleans for Bouchercon. I hope you’ve recovered successfully.

I’m typing this after my photography class and all giddy because I’m learning to use off-camera flash and it’s pretty amazing. I’m looking forward to playing with it this weekend and seeing what I can do on my own at this point. But I’m going to share a picture from class for today’s new photo. And Maddee’s returned so we have a great contribution from her as well.


My flash is the Cactus RF60 with the V6 transceiver. I shot with my 18-55mm lens using an aperture of 5.6, a shutter speed of 1/4 of a second and an ISO of 1600 in evaluative metering mode. I also had an umbrella on the flash at 1/32 power for this shot.

While I know that this picture is not perfect by any means, it is ground-breaking for me. To have gotten the ambient light behind her (she’s standing in front of a plate glass window) without completely turning her into a black blob of shadow is so exciting. Oh and the “her” is my adorable niece Payton. She was such a good sport coming to the class and serving as a model.

New Photo Friday - off camera flash

Maddee J.

This week Maddee really gave me a challenge. I had to pick from several pictures she took in New Orleans. They were all great and I had a hard time picking, but I settled on this one because it just made me happy to look at it. In her words, “They’re all arty and taken on the iPhone with a filter.” And about the image I chose, “love me some Mardi Gras beads!” Me too!

New Photo Friday - mardi gras beads

I hope you enjoyed the images for today. As always, feel free to leave your constructive criticism in the comments as well as links to YOUR new photos this week. We’d love to see. Have a super weekend!