New Photo Friday – Week 1

jennifer forbus - new photo friday

Happy Friday! I hope everyone’s had a nice week and are looking forward to the weekend. I’m excited to kick off the first New Photo Friday. My niece and I went to the Cleveland MetroParks Zoo on Wednesday, so my choice for this week’s photo is coming from our photography day there.


I was quite excited with the pictures I got at the zoo. It was my first zoo visit with my new Canon: a Rebel EOS T6i. I’m switching from the T3 and boy is this an experience now. I shot all day with my 75-300mm lens. This picture of the grizzlies is with auto white balance, spot metering and a 5.6 aperture. It was a bit overcast and I wanted to get the action of the bears playing in the water, so my ISO was set at 400 and my shutter speed was 1/640–no flash.  I was happy with the action I caught, but I was in continuous shooting mode, so there were some other shots I discarded. This was my favorite and I was especially delighted with the composition given I had to shoot from above the bears (you know, pesky things like safety and all that). I didn’t crop this at all, but I did reduce the size for posting.

jennifer forbus - new photo friday

Maddee J.

I’m delighted to have my friend and employer also participating with me in New Photo Friday. She’s a bit of a photography buff, too, so she’s going to be motivated to take pictures for the weekly feature as well. Her picture comes from another great photo op event–a fair, the Nevada County Fair to be precise. So from grizzlies to cows. Love the rich colors in this one, and that barn dance poster is great.

maddee james - new photo friday

If you’re participating on your own blog, I hope you’ll post a link in the comments. I’m going to work on getting a linking program before next week’s post but for this week, just let us know where you are so we can come take a look at your image! And I’m interested in your feed back on my photo. I want to learn from this exercise, so what would you have done differently? What did you like? (Just a reminder to keep comments constructive. Anything cruel or inappropriate will be removed.)

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look at this inaugural post of New Photo Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Tanya Perez says:

    I love both photos! In Jen’s photo, I really like the textural contrasts: The wet fur of the bears, the bubbles in the foreground; and the smooth water in the background. In Maddee J’s photo, I love the bold colors and the angle of the shot

  2. Maddee says:

    I love those bears Jen!! What an awesome shot! Fabulous in every way. As I told you, I have the original Canon Rebel so it doesn’t have nearly as many bells and whistles as yours. I just got a new rechargeable battery (mine’s been dead for years) so will be using it for some Friday shots soon.

    My pic was taken with my iPhone with added filter as I love the red glow it gives. My regret on this pic is that I didn’t get a bit more of the cowboy hat above the Barn Dance poster. I LOVE angled shots, though… so much fun to play with. And just loved the sawdust on the cows… almost like little flecks of light.

    Kaye, thanks and I loved your image too. Black and white can be so fun! I LOVE how with digital we can go either way. Tanya and Beth, great photos!!!

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