New Photo Friday – Week 3

Wow! We’re up to Week 3 already? It feels like we just started New Photo Friday. I’m enjoying this and hope you are too. I think about my photography throughout the week considering what I’m going to use for this post. I think next week will be the hard decision, though. I’m with my dog Rufus at Camp Unleashed this weekend so I suspect there will be a lot to choose from. AND the sunflower field is in bloom in Avon, so I’ll be headed out there as well. But, before I get ahead of myself, let’s look at today’s pictures, shall we?



I am choosing a photo I’m actually not happy with for this week. But, I learned a lot from taking it. I was out at the lake this week at sunset and got this shot with my 75-300mm lens at an aperture of f5, 100 ISO and spot metering. I basically did everything wrong. I should have increased my aperture and probably used evaluative metering. I’ll keep working on improving my sunsets. My advanced photography class starts next week, so hopefully you’ll be seeing overall improvement in the coming weeks.

new photo friday - jennifer forbus


Maddee J

Maddee made me choose between two gorgeous macro shots she did with her iPhone. She has a new macro lens for her iPhone and I’m feeling a little envious of this gadget. After much back and forth I opted for the purple flower because as much as I love orange, purple is still my favorite. But take my word for it, both were beautiful! She also says this has no filter, and “They’re not perfect because it is SO HARD to hold the iPhone still enough when you get in this close and there’s even the slightest breeze.” Well consider me impressed, breeze or no breeze!

new photo friday - maddee james

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at this week’s photos. If you have a photo to share with us, please leave us a link in the comments. I want to stop by and see them. It won’t be until next week since I’m at camp, but I’ll definitely be by.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, friends!


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