New Photo Friday – Week 4

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Happy Friday, friends. And thanks to everyone who stopped by when I was off camping with Rufus. I’ll share a post about our weekend on Monday. So much wonderfulness again this year—plus fun photos to share. And a special thanks to my fellow shutterbugs who still posted along with us even though I was out roughing it. You guys are fantastic! So now let’s move on to this week’s new photo!



Since I’ll be sharing dog photos with you on Monday, I opted for a picture I took on Wednesday at the Prayers for Maria sunflower Field of Hope.  I’m going again at a better time of day, but despite the challenging lighting, I managed to get this shot that I really love. I took this with my 18-55mm lens: 100 ISO, 5.6 aperture, 1/250 shutter speed.

The little holes that some bug chewed out of the leaf are what attracted me to this flower, but I really love how the depth of field worked out in this one—both foreground and background. I also like the various textures in this shot. The area I still want to improve on is the lighting to get those colors to pop a bit stronger, but while last week I wasn’t so thrilled with my image, this week I’m rather smitten with it. But you can still feel free to chime in and say what you might have done differently or what you think would have made it even better.

New Photo Friday - sunflowers

Maddee J.

Maddee nailed the atmosphere in her picture this week. This is what she had to say about it:

“I took this at Castello di Amarosa in Calistoga, CA. It’s a newish winery which is built to look like an old Tuscan castle. Super cool place for photography—I’ve taken literally hundreds of photos there. The only thing that’s bad about taking pix there is that there are always so many people around, so I work hard to angle the shot to not have people in it! While sometimes people are good for scale, I generally like artistic shots without people.

Anyway, I adore their gargoyles at the front gate!”

New Photo Friday

And there you have it. Our new photos for Week 4. Like usual, if you’re posting a new photo today—or you posted one Wednesday—let us know in the comments and I’ll be stopping by to check them out. I’m having so much fun sharing photos with you all. Thanks for playing along. Have a great weekend.


    • Maddee says:

      Technology was finicky for me too, on her blog! I tried to comment and it looks like it deleted it. What I said was basically: Super fun to think of Kaye coloring quilts. Coloring books are such a big thing right now aren’t they? Love that people are getting creative. And loved the colorful pic, Kaye!

  1. Maddee says:

    Jen, I LOVE this photo — you know how I love flower photos! The light through the petals is marvelous but my favorite part is actually, as you mentioned, the beautiful way depth of field worked out! I love that there are clouds (wouldn’t have been as cool with just a blue sky — adore the fuzzy clouds!) and the rest of the sunflower field, and it’s all perfectly proportioned with foreground and background… it’s just lovely all around.

    Oh and I love the way the tips of the petals curve upward.

    It’s the little things. 🙂

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