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My apologies for the delay between posts. I’ve been dealing with work, photography class, photography club, regular life “stuff” and of course the issues of the country’s political mess. I have a book-related post coming up about that. It’s mostly an effort for me to deal with my energy about all of this. But in the meantime, I wanted to give you a few fun updates.

First is the February Nerdy Special List, which Pop Culture Nerd has posted. I have a wonderful and timely recommendation over there for you.

Next is my new role at AudioFile Magazine. I’ll be posting each Monday about mysteries and thrillers and all forms of crime fiction in audiobook format. This week I have a post about new releases in February. I’ve offered just a small slice of the new titles out. Stop by and share what you’re excited about this month.

For dog lovers in my neck of the woods, this weekend I learned about a new magazine that’s launching here in April called CLE DOG. I’m excited because I’m always looking for new things to do with Rufus. This should be a fun publication.

And finally, if you’re headed to Honolulu in March for Left Coast Crime, I’ll be moderating a panel called “Reviewers & Critics: Are authors at their mercy?” That’s Friday at 10:30a.m. I’m joined by two fellow bloggers, Les Blatt and Dru Ann Love, as well as two authors Maggie Margarita and Jane Stillwater. I need to dust off my moderator’s hat. It’s been awhile. If you’re attending, hope to see you there.

More content is coming. While I haven’t posted a new photo in awhile, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been taking them. My goal for myself is to get back on track this week, so look for that on Friday. In the mean time, Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Stephanie Youngerman says:

    I heard NPR Morning Edition commentator, Steve Inskeep, talk about “laughing to keep from crying.” He said, “…I think the most important thing for us all is to be willing to laugh. Especially to laugh when things are bad. A cynical laugh that’s OK, too. Langston Hughes has that phrase ‘laughing to keep from crying.’ I thought about that a lot during the financial crisis especially, when it just seemed like the whole world was falling apart. I was totally OK with telling a cynical kind of reporter-journalism kind of joke, or letting that come out on the air. And sometimes people didn’t get it. ‘Why are you laughing? This is terrible. You should be serious!’ Yes, it is terrible. I should be serious. But that’s actually why I should be laughing. Because we’re all human. And when you laugh, it means you’re not defeated.”

    When you laugh, you’re not defeated! I love that!

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